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LLC  “Khodoriv Meat Packing Factory” is one of the leading prodecers of meat products in Ukraine. We are a socially responsible company that values the quality and people committed to what they do.

History of the company


A bacon factory was created, which was engaged in the production of meat products.

1933 – 1940thth

• Export of bacon to England started, and soon canned ham export to the United States.

• The factory has become one of the best producers of meat products in the region.

• Highly-qualified specialists from Denmark, Italy, Austria are invited, as well as career enhancement training are conducted.

• The factory has become a school for Polish meat industry.


• The Company’s name was changed to “Khodoriv Meat Packing Factory”.

• Facility for slaughtery was launched. New premises are built, an ongoing improvement process as well as expansion of production volume are made.


• New equipment was put into operation, which allowed to increase production capacity, and become one of the largest meat factories of the Soviet Union.

2005 – 2010

• Young and ambitious people come to the business, the meat factory is experiencing its second birth/rebirth.

• The department for processing of intestinal raw materials was launched, the reconstruction of the department for the production of specialities and sausage products was carried out, new equipment from well-known manufacturers in the meat industry was installed.


• The sausage department with new equipment was launched, which allowed to produce over 40 tons of finished products per day..

• Great attention is paid to the selection of natural spices that are subject to multiple and thorough control that meets stringent/tight sanitary and hygiene requirements/standards.

• The meat formula, which reproduces the traditionally Galician taste (Halychyna taste) and corresponds to the state standards of Ukraine, is applied.

2005 – 2010

• The production volume has been increased to 50 tons per day..

• Reconstruction of refrigeration chamber was mades, which allowed to arrange own storing of raw materials after deboning, which ensures the stability of the orders execution and consistent pricing policy.


• Production of over 400 types of products, which are packed in vacuum packaging, packaging with modified gas environment, whole piece, sliced.

• Great attention is paid to raw material base.

• A modern pig-breeding complex has been built in the ecological zone of the Lishchyn village.


• New technologies for breeding pigs are applied.

• Over 1500 of breeding pigs for increasing of the livestock, which today amounts to 30000.

• Farms are being actively built to increase the number of pigs to 50000.

• LLC “Khodoriv Meat Packing Factory” has become one of the largest suppliers of meat raw materials for meat processing factories of Ukraine.